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Mission Vision

In today's world, you have to continue learning in order to grow personally, professionally, economically and to keep up with advancement in your chosen area of expertise. As you pursue higher qualifications, doors of opportunity open to a new, promising tomorrow
Objectives at EIILM:

• To generate New Knowledge by engaging in cutting edge research and promote academic excellence

• To integrate the emerging concepts and practices of Science & Technology in all relevant aspect of human development

• To identify national and international need areas of specialization and focus on their growth

• To develop the Institution with a global perspective to provide opportunities to network with other institutions across the borders

• To emphasize especially value-oriented education and aim at total personality development   
           The students of today are the Architects of tomorrow. To meet the challenges in an ever changing global environment, teeming with cutting-edge technology, the graduates of today must be determined to pursue higher achievements with higher and continuous learning. India has a need to produce graduates that will drive us to an industrial and technological renaissance. Our mission goal wants us to be a major player in the transmission and dissemination of knowledge, research and technology in India. Industry recognition and universal acclaim are the mainstay of EIILM University. Desired close co-operation with the leading companies in the nation and international scenario will be pursued and attained through clear objectives. It is only a matter of time before EIILM University finds itself in the hearts and minds of prospective students and parents alike for a bright future.

Universe in a Single Model of Education

EIILM constantly aspires to enable students acquire in-depth knowledge and specialized skills to manage change, increase effectiveness and efficiency in the organizational set up. EIILM helps realize your dreams and enhance potential for a successful career. Technology and instructors work together to provide a delivery system that meets high academic standards while ensuring the flexibility to meet each student's individual needs.

             New learning technologies are producing environments in which learners can do their self study comfortably. We provide support to students and educators so that they may fully participate in these new and exciting ways of teaching and learning, ensuring that the environment is :

• Learner-centered

• Accessible, convenient and portable

• Responsive to students' needs

• Accommodating to students' schedules

• Interactive among students, faculty and staff

• Academically stimulating and challenging Replicating the same high quality for education and support services as in the conventional on-campus environment

Building leaders of tomorrow with values and vision; helping students build a bridge from the world of academics to the world of industry. Distance Learning at EIILM prepares students for a world in which information and economic environments are becoming globalized with developed programs.