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 The Chancellor along with all members of the University community heartily welcome the viewers at the EIILM University The world today reflects the cataclysmic environment in which we live. New challenges that leaders across the streams are facing include standards of corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, resource and energy efficiency, coming of universal social mores and culture and emerging markets. The leader's of tomorrow has to work within a context that extends far beyond the classic conventional concepts to consider and foretell the jigsaw of relationships across society, nature, technology, culture etc.

        Studying in a multicultural atmosphere brings several advantages to an     
 education that takes these new dimensions into account. In this regard, EIILM  University wants to be a torch bearer for radiating a quest of excellence. For this it strives to create a world class infrastructure based on excellent foundation of academic excellence and execution both in the class room as well as in the outside world.

       The faculty and the student body of the University represent a diversity of nationalities and cultures providing a lifetime enriching experience. The curricula are likewise based on a variety of business models, case studies and theories in a context of interactive and experiential learning. Thus the University's Mission and the vision of our University is to establish itself in the academic map of the State in particular and in the Country as the whole in the field of Higher Education. In doing so, the University will trace upon enhancement of the quality of research, introduction of subjects which have got a global signal and adaptation of latest technology and fruitful academic collaboration.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to our University.

       Ms. Usha Agarwala Chancellor